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The Dragonfire Thief is coming…

It's not easy being a reluctant hero.

Any fool can tell Will's new employer has plans beyond selling priceless jewels and fancy furniture, but what lies behind his voyage to the distant, windswept Sullar Isles? And what does it have to do with to the magic Dragonfire that Will helped the ruthless merchant procure?

In between testing his skill in an archery contest, just about surviving a pirate attack, and avoiding some very violent birds, can Will work out what's going on in time to stop the dragonfire tearing the Sullar Isles apart?

The new Will the Wayfarer adventure, The Dragonfire Thief, is coming soon.

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The Broken King

Helping the helpless can be a real pain, especially when magic's involved.

Will just wants a peaceful life, but when he takes pity on a crippled vagrant who thinks he's the wronged King of Aeoland, things become very complicated very quickly.

Can he stay in once piece long enough to discover the truth behind the crazed myth-making of The Broken King?

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The Witch Tree

A poisoned wood. A shattered tower. An archer with a broken bow. 

Down on his luck and desperate for cash, Will has to take what he can get, so he puts aside his distrust of magic to help a mysterious noblewoman.

But what of the strange figure lurking beyond her tower, and the mysterious Witch Trees that thrive while everything else perishes?

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The Blade Bearer

Three adventurers. Three magic gems. One big problem.

A knight who thinks he holds the fate of a kingdom in his hands. A thief compelled to fulfil an ancient prophesy. A sorcerer who dreams of demons. Will may be the best archer in the kingdom, but what use is his keen eye and quick wit when he has to guide these three unhappy companions on a quest into the unknown? And who will survive when they finally discover the truth?

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