Broken King Website Cover Image.png

Helping the helpless can be a real pain…

Will just wants a peaceful life, but when he takes pity on a crippled vagrant who thinks he's the wronged King of Aeoland, things become very complicated very quickly.
Choked by a black-clad sorcerer, attacked by an enchanted amulet, and almost getting his head chopped off by outlaws, Will is thrown into making a choice that might just determine the fate of the kingdom. Can he stay in once piece long enough to discover the truth behind the crazed myth-making of The Broken King?

The Broken King is the first Will the Wayfarer adventure and you can get it completely free by clicking here.

The Witch Tree - Website Book Image.png

A poisoned wood. A shattered tower. An archer with a broken bow.

When you're down on your luck and desperate for money, you'll take what you can get.

So Will the Wayfarer puts aside his distrust of magic and agrees to use his excellent archery to help the mysterious Lady Alliss. Trouble is, she won't tell him what she's planning or why.

Is it something to do with the strange figure lurking in the darkness beyond her ruined tower? And what of the mysterious witch trees that thrive while everything else around perishes?

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Blade Bearer Website Cover Image.png

Three adventurers. Three magic gems. One big problem.

A knight who thinks he holds the fate of the kingdom in his hands. A thief compelled to fulfil an ancient prophecy. A sorcerer who dreams of demons. Each sure he knows the truth - all heading for a terrible reckoning.

And caught in the middle is Will the Wayfarer: cynical, honourable, and the best archer in the land. Compelled by curiosity but stricken by divided loyalty, can Will guide his three companions and live to tell the tale? Through high mountains and dark forests, from an enchanted tower to a lonely monastery, who will survive when the truth about the gemstones is finally revealed?

The Blade Bearer is available now from Amazon.