The Wayfarers' Guild

Thank you for joining The Wayfarers' Guild.

Whenever I have new stories about Will the Wayfarer, you'll be the first to read them.

I'm not asking for huge edits or proofreading - just a few thoughts from you on the story, what's good and what's not so good. Stuff like, 

  • Spotting any typos. I do my best but one or two always slip through. Give an indication of the chapter and paragraph.
  • About the characters. Did they feel real to you? Did you love them or hate them? Did they make you laugh or give you thrills? Or were they annoying (in a bad way)?
  • Was it a good story? Did you want to keep reading? Did it have a good opening and a good ending?
  • Would you be happy to leave a review? When the story goes live online, it makes a huge difference if you can write a short review or give it a star rating. This really helps let other readers know about Will's adventures.

In return, you'll get a thank you in the book when the story goes live. I've got some other ideas for Guild Member benefits, but if you have any thoughts, just let me know.

I'll email you soon with an update on what's happening for Guild members, including the stories you'll get early access to.

Thanks again!