First Step Into A Larger World

Earlier this week, The Blade Bearer went up on Amazon.

This was all very exciting until I noticed the enormous typo on page 1. Queue me frantically editing the text then reloading it to KDP. Then I notice the video I enthusiastically uploaded says at the end that the book is only available chapter by chapter through Patreon  (my original idea for selling it). So down comes the video. 

It's then that the enormity of building a readership hits me. How how do I get all you lovely people out there to find, preview, read and buy the book? 

So last night I made it free for a couple of days. I'm not in it for the money after all. Lo and behold,  this morning two people have 'bought' the book. Two amazing, wonderful human beings.

UPDATE (because the world is waiting to hear): after twenty-four hours, ten delightful people have downloaded The Blade Bearer. Here's hoping at least one leaves a positive review...